It is human nature to tell stories and try to explain the unexplainable.  Early civilisations created enchanting creatures and immortal beings in order to understand, and share that understanding with one another. Jessica Donnelly is interested in the Folklore of Western Europe, and seeks to resurrect these archaic stories and give them new life through her defined linear imagery. She uses a range of media such as fineliner and drawing ink as well as acrylic paint, graphite and charcoal to create a monochromatic palette, often adding small blocks of colour to capture significant parts of the tales she is retelling.

Submerging herself within the rich history of mythology that is evident across the continents, her work pays homage to forgotten stories, history and folklore. Using elements from tales such as The Children of Lir, The Wild Swans and The Merrow, Jessica creates new imagery and opens up new stories.

The artist intends for these drawings to act as a catalyst, encouraging the viewer to explain the unexplainable and create their own enchanting creatures and immortal beings and hopefully, resurrect the art of storytelling within themselves.